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Why January doesn’t have to be so ‘blue’

How to beat the ‘January Blues’: A few tips to get you back on the move

Wishing that you never had to get on that train to travel back to university? You’re not alone! Nobody feels excited about heading back to work or university in January. But do not despair or think that this feeling will last forever. We have it every year and we always find a way to feel positive about something to pull us through. But, to help you out, here are a few little tips to make getting back into work or keeping to those new years resolutions a little bit more manageable.

With it being the beginning of the year, January is a great opportunity to start afresh and maybe do the things you wished you had started in September. It may be that you wish you had joined a society or spots club or it could also be that you wanted learn another language or read more widely on a subject you aren’t studying at university. For many, not joining a club or society at university can often be someones biggest regret when they leave and so if you have not signed up to whatever you have been thinking about for a little while, now is the perfect opportunity. It could also be the place you meet your housemates for next year and often they remain friends for life. It can also be a means to take a break in your week and to relax away from writing those essays or spending endless hours in the lab. It has been proven that a bit of exercise or any other hobby that is away from your work, can immensely improve your focus when it comes to writing those essays or concentrating in a lab.  Also, if you start early, you will find a means to keep it up during exams when taking breaks and doing something else for a little while is vital; and it won’t be procrastinating on Facebook but instead doing something productive and helpful! Get a friend to join in with you if it makes it a little easier. I am no expert on what makes a person more productive or helping someone do the things they are a little hesitant to do, but it took someone to just give me a nudge to join a sports club and society and I haven’t looked back since. I am very thankful for that and perhaps this can be your nudge!

Plan things early. Again, we all say in September that we will plan things early and always stay on top of our work. Sadly it’s like being back at school when you would start a new book with the best intentions to keep it neat and tidy but soon it looks like the dog actually did eat your homework. But, this isn’t September and for many work load has picked up. So stick to your plans. One of the best purchases I made last term was a giant wall planner/calander for a few pounds. That way, I am able to keep track of days in a clear visual way and write down all my important deadlines. It helps me plan and keep on track far better than writing things on a scruffy bit of paper that always gets lost or having to check online. Now is the perfect time to grab one of them, or find your own method of planning your work. Another tip is to bring all your deadlines forward a week. I did this last term and soon you don’t even think that actually you have another week to write an essay. But when you finish or get towards the end of an essay and remember you have another week, it brings a great sense of relief and satisfaction! It also frees up some time to have that Netflix binge we all crave! It takes a bit of discipline, but soon you learn to stick to it.

Also plan some treats to look forward to. This may be a short weekend away back home or to visit some friends at other universities. Perhaps there is a holiday you really want to go on, or even theres a new series coming out and you want a day or so to actually have that Netflix binge; I know I’m excited for the new House of Cards series! It can be really nice to know that there is something exciting coming up and it can also help push you to work harder to make sure you can enjoy the relaxing time you have planned.

Keep yourself well rested. Now, I am not saying that you can’t enjoy those nights out and students are proud of how they are still about to make it to a 9am with just 2 hours sleep. Even if you do have to then sleep for a day to recover. But trying to find a few nights in which you can get a proper sleep will really help get you up and through the coming weeks when all you want to do is stay in your bed. I know it’s not rocket science, but just as with joining a society, being reminded can always help! Maybe to make mornings easier, start a new routine to make things feel a little bit more fresh and different. I find going for a short run in the morning before I have had my breakfast and cuppa is a great way to wake myself up and feeling ready for the day. It also gives me an incentive to get better sleep if I know I have to be up a little earlier to fit in some morning exercise. That isn’t for everyone, but trying something different could make a big difference during this period.

The most important thing though, is just to stay positive. For some, January blues don’t affect them and January is no different to any other time of the year. But for others it can be a real struggle to remain motivated. But with a few helpful tips, you could make a real difference to how you feel. Don’t forget to head down to any refresher events your university may have, and look out for Leydon Lettings when looking for next years accommodation. We are always here to help and make the planning and preparation for your move much easier; just another thing to help you out this year ��

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