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Reasons to be boldly unsweet or even en suite …

In the middle of renovating a house during a summer vacation, a prospective tenant attended to see the progress.  Whilst on-site she phoned me to ask if she could have a private en-suite bedroom.  I explained we had already explored such possibility and regrettably there was nowhere to put it.

This lady was nothing if not persistent and in the end I said faithlessly, “Ask the builders if they can fit you an en suite and if they can, you can have one”.

I expected the builders to reply negatively.  Ending the phone call to me, the lady announced to the builders, “Bob says you have to build me an en-suite.”  Believing the lady had my endorsement, the builders reviewed the plans and between them came up with a unique way to do what she demanded.

From now on, whenever the builders say no to me, I am asking this lady to talk to the builders.

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