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The Key To Life

Reasons to be alive…
Occasionally tenants forget keys and we enable them back in again.  Leydon Lettings contract agrees a charge for replacement keys. In fact Leydon Lettings is fairly relaxed and will often ignore the cost to save ill feeling.

This was becoming a habit with one tenant, who was warned that Leydon Lettings would pass on the cost to gain entry. With a contradiction in terms the tenant retorted “You shouldn’t employ people like that if you have to pay them”.

Disappointment can often erase reason .  This is amusing in isolation of the sting in the tail.

… Tales of the unexpected:
The tenant in her disappointment and frustration failed to recall the previous lock-out.  Only a week earlier Leydon lettings’ representative opened the door with a spare key (without charge to the tenant).

Upon opening the door confronted by strong smelling gas fumes, a closer inspection revealed an unlit gas hob was left on, allowing fumes to build up to a dangerous level.  A single spark from a light switch or boiler igniting could have resulted in a fatal explosion.

Our representative pushed the waiting tenant away from the door to safety before risking his own life and entering the house to turn off the gas and ventilate the entire house.  Was this appreciated…?

“I am not paying for the key!”

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