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“The Magic Porridge Pot”

“The Magic Porridge Pot”

Reasons to believe in Murphy’s Law. .. It was our intention to progressively upgrade all our houses to include as many dishwashers as possible. This was received with delight although we had not envisaged the high ongoing cost to maintain and deal with leak damage when they went wrong.

To minimise damage from leaks we had recently designed and invented a flood prevention system based on gravity drainage. This was involuntarily tested within ten days of installation. An emergency phone message late at night exclaimed the dishwasher had flooded the kitchen, when left on after all had gone to bed. Heading straight for the house I inwardly smiled at my ingenuity and timely decision to invest in flood prevention. The damage could now only be minimal – couldn’t it?

The flood system relies upon water falling downwards by gravity into a specially designed drain. Unfortunately, in this instance, the washing-machine engineer reported that the tenants appeared to have used washing-up-liquid instead of dishwasher-tablets. In denial the tenants claimed merely to have used cheap dishwasher tablets. The result – excessive soap bubbles.

… Tales of the unexpected:
Reminiscent of the words from the children’s fable, “Stop pot stop!” “The Magic Porridge Pot”, The bubbles continued relentlessly bubbling up and over, filling the room. Instead of falling down the specially designed drain, the lightweight bubbles floated upwards, and spread outwards, before condensing onto the floor, leaving our flood drain dry and our new floor very wet!

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