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The Princess And The Pea.

Reasons to be comfy …
Most of our beds now include orthopedic mattresses.  We initially introduced these to help students suffering back pains often exacerbated by sitting for long periods at a computer desk.

…Tales of the unexpected:
On seeing his house-mate get a new mattress, one envious student suddenly feigned back-ache. Placing one hand behind his back and leaning back unconvincing onto this hand he sought to evoke sympathy to secure a new orthopedic mattress for himself.

Realising the rouse I popped the original normal mattress (just replaced by the new mattress) on top of his existing normal mattress with the offer of more to follow if required.

The next time I visited, his back had evidently healed with only one mattress on the bed!

A very amusing try – I wonder if he ever found his princess as in the Hans Christian Anderson’s novel.  “And another thing… stop putting vegetables in my bedding… it’s perverse!” (Sky Broadband Advert).

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